We Carry A Variety Of Green Products

With over 40 years of combined experience, we at Ceramic Designs pride ourselves on attention to detail and exceptional workmanship. We are dedicated to transforming your space in a way that is true to your vision, providing your family, staff and clients with lasting works of art to enjoy for many years to come.

We carry many Green products in our tile and quartz lines including Vetrazzo, Geos, Silestone Eco, and Caesarstone. Using recycled water and recycled materials reduces landfill waste and the consumption of our natural resources. It also reduces energy consumption, thus making Green products a friendlier product to our environment.

  • Vetrazzo (Recycled Glass Countertops)

  • GEOS (Recycled Glass Embedded In Quartz Countertops)

  • Silestone ECO (Quartz Countertops)

  • Caesarstone (Recycled Quartz Countertops)

  • Original Style (Recycled Glass Tile)